Our trading service covers a broad spectrum of functions aimed at bringing the latest and best products from around the world to the UAE and GCC markets and these include:


With an ever expanding portfolio of brands and products under our representation, our promise to our principals is effective and professional representation.


Utilising our teams experience, market knowledge and industry connections to get your product into the right retailors and in front on the correct target market in the shortest time possible.


Actively marketing and advertising our brands through numerous channels best suited for each brand, such as the Internet, Magazines, Newspapers and Flyers...just to name a few.


We offer training services on behalf of our principals to ensure that everyone is equiped with all the knowledge and tools necessary in order to sell that product.


We are always happy to source, plan and manage events and trade shows that we feel would be beneficial for the product and the market strategy that has been established.


Our team are always available to support at either end of the equation. From our principals, right the way to the end user and everyone in between. Our door is always open.

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